14th May 2017 – Cockermouth Road Race - Cumbria

This weekend Joe and I were racing down at the Cockermouth RR, National B. Straight from the gun I was trying to get in the break, going with the majority of the moves. About 30 miles in I got in a group of about 9 with all the teams in it and it was looking like it might stick, whilst Joe was back in the bunch marking the moves. However it was not to be and was brought back by James Gullen of JLT Condor, who on catchi...ng us with the bunch in tow went straight passed and attacked and I just missed the split, tired from my breakaway attempts. 11 riders went up the road attacking hard on the descent making it hard to keep up on junior gears. After, the bunch sat up a little and rolled round for the rest of the race. In the end I won the bunch sprint for 12th with Joe coming in 14th place just behind.

15th April 2017 – Dunfermline Road Race – Dunfermline

Stephen Dent – 1st Joe Reilly 2nd.


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Pictures courtesy of Dunfermline CC

8th April 2017 – Screenteck International Junior Tour Of The Mendips - Bristol

Finn Crocket 35th, Stephen Dent 51st.


11th March 2017 - Lancaster University Spring Crit #1 - Salt Ayre – Lancashire.

Saturday was the second round of the Salt Ayre 4 week series. The E/1/2/3 race started with many attacks and there was a high pace from the off. Eventually, a 3 man break got away and I managed to get in it. The group worked well from here. The race came down to a  sprint within the break. I started off the sprint but in the end, got beaten into 2nd. The winner was Alex Luhrs and Tom Lowe rounded out the podium in 3rd.

Race Report by George Wharton.

4th & 5th March 2017 – Belgium

My first weekend racing abroad was a wet, cold and windy one - a classic trip for March as I'm told and an eye opener for the junior season ahead.


Day 1. Harelbeke (W) - 1.14.3 Juniores

Started in Harelbeke. Unfortunately the cobbles got the better of my bike and my leaver become too loose to ride after just 40 minutes of racing. I had no control over my bike and I was unable to carry on.

Day 2. De Klijte-Heuvelland (W) - 1.14.3 Juniores

I felt good from the off. I felt like I was in my natural habit on the hills and I was well equipped on my new Trek Emonda SL for what turned out to be a challenging course; a mixture of wide, hilly A roads and narrow twisty farm roads. Attacks were made thick and fast from throughout the race and it was difficult to work out which ones would stick as I was both chasing and trying to get away in the moves but all came to nothing until the last 5 laps when a group of 6 finally got a decent gap that stuck.

With British National Champion Jacob Vaughan soloing away to a victory as well as the group of 6 up the road, what was left of the main group found it difficult to make inroads into their lead. In the end, it came down to a bunch sprint for where I took 12th overall.

Now I've made a start to my road season following a tough winter on the track I am really looking forward to riding some big races with the rest of the Spokes RT Team.

A big thank you to John Barkley for including me on the trip.Day 2. De Klijte-Heuvelland (W) - 1.14.3 Juniores


Race Report by Alex Ridehalgh.


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4th March 2017 - Lancaster University Spring Crit #1 - Salt Ayre – Lancashire.

5th March 2017 – Prissick Spring Shield Round 1 – Middlesbrough


This weekend I rode two Nat B crits, one at Salt Ayre on the Saturday, and the other at Prissick on Sunday. The race around Salt Ayre started off very fast, both George and I were racing. There were plenty of NRG riders and elites riding making it hard racing. George and I covered the early moves. A break of two went up the road with about 10 laps to go, and George tried to bridge the gap but the two in front were working well. George rode strongly to hold off the bunch for 3rd whilst I was second in the bunch sprint and finished 7th. The next day at Prissick, I got in a break about 3 laps in, we were then joined by another 5 riders, 20 mins later to make around 11 in total. Again there was a big presence of NRG riders. We worked well and lapped the field twice. In the closing laps an NRG rider slipped away during a lull in the break. He went on to win with myself again coming 2nd in the bunch sprint, finishing 3rd. Overall a good weekends racing.

Race report written by Stephen Dent.

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"The circuit at Salt Ayre" - Picture courtesy of Alan Dent

26th Feb 2017 Clayton Classic 51st Edition – Clitheroe - Lancashire.

George Wharton – 12th.

Yesterday saw the first road race of the season for Spokes, the Clayton Spring Classic. Alex, Stephen and I took part. The race continued with its usual handicap format. The three groups involved the women and veteran men (setting off first), the juniors (next off) and the 1st category and elite riders (off last). The race began with numerous attacks and all Spokes riders covering key moves. Eventually, Stephen, me and a few other riders from the junior group got across to the front group. From here, the group was working well with a determined effort to hold off the chasers.

It was looking worrying for the scratch group when the race was nearing the end. The front group still had a sizeable gap. However, after a long chase, part of the scratch group joined up with the front group, around 3 laps to go. Meanwhile after a long effort out front, the lone leader, David Allonby was caught with about 1-2 laps to go. It looked like the race was set for a sprint and with around a mile to go, further riders from the scratch group caught the front group. Unfortunately, Stephen punctured on the last lap, ruling him out of contention. In the Sprint finish, I managed to hang on for 13th. Jacob Hennessy took the win from Dillon Byrne in 2nd and Michael Cuming rounded out the podium in 3rd. Ex Spokes rider Fraser Martin, now with Team Raleigh, was 5th.

 Clayton Spring Classic Report: written by George Wharton.

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Pictures courtesy of Larry Hickmot